Park sharing is caring 

50,000: that’s how many times employees have shared their park with colleagues through Parkable

Here's what we learnt from their sharing

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What is park sharing?

Your workplace car parks might be allocated as a perk to specific employees, like execs. That leaves the rest of your staff to fend for themselves.

With Parkable, employees with a parking spot can easily share it with colleagues through the app when they’re on leave or working remotely.

Instead of having parks sitting empty, the rest of your staff are able to park onsite!

Why park share at your workplace?

Feedback from client employees


“Honestly - Parkable just makes parking so much easier. It used to have a lot of favouritism and it was frustrating to see empty parks on a rainy day and not be able to use them - now I get to park at work and the person who pays for the park gets money - it’s a win win.”

“I do some local travel for work so when I am away I make my park available. It feels great to know that colleagues are using it. I know it is a privilege to park right outside the office doors so I like to share this as much as I can.” 

“We have never been able to use parking in our building before Parkable so it's been great.”

Trusted by leading companies

Better commutes

Bad commutes affect engagement, retention, happiness, and health - and before Parkable, a quarter of our clients’ staff rated their commute as negative. 

We were stoked to find that with Parkable...

  • The number of staff who rated their commute positively more than doubled, growing from 31% to 69.9%
  • Of the 25% of staff who said their commute used to be negative, 75.6% rated their commute positively with Parkable


Boost fairness & equity

The way your staff parking is distributed tells staff a lot about how your company values fairness and equity.  

Through Parkable’s park sharing, we found that a company with 100 parking spots can go from allowing just 100 staff to park onsite to allowing between 200 and 400 staff members to use the park. This has a big effect...

  • Two-thirds of employees think that because of Parkable, parking at work is fairer
  • A third of employees say their workplace culture changed for the better
  • The ratio of parks to staff goes from 1:1 to between 1:2 and 1:4


Increase occupancy

If you have allocated parking, at least 20% of your parks likely sit empty because people are away from the office - and that number increases massively when companies embrace flexible working. 

  • Through park sharing, the average Parkable client shares 18% of allocated parks on any given workday
  • On average, 81% of those shared parks are used by other members of staff - that's a lot of parks no longer sitting empty

For companies that charge their staff for casual parking, park sharing is also a great way to boost revenue or raise money for a good cause.


Seamless sharing

Some companies are unsure whether their staff will really want to share through an app, especially if the employees with allocated parks are execs.

Actually, we’ve found that staff with allocated parks love sharing

  • 97% say they wouldn’t go back to not sharing their park through Parkable
  • 75% of execs share their allocated park at least once a week
  • 9/10 people say that sharing their park with colleagues makes them feel great
  • Sharing levels only increase 1% when staff get a financial incentive - so it’s not all about the money


Park sharing is simple

With the Parkable app, sharing only takes a moment.

People with an allocated park...

  1. Open the calendar in the app
  2. Select the days when they'll be away from the office
  3. Tap 'Share'

People without a park use the app to reserve a spot the night before.